DanceWorX studio

TreAna has always had a serious passion for teaching dance here at Bismarck DanceWorX Studio. TreAna started her acrobatic experience with gymnastics at a very young age and continued to be involved in gymnastics up until the 10th grade. TreAna trained at the Bismarck Gymnastics Academy where she was involved in show team and competed at gymnastic competitions throughout North Dakota. TreAna’s favorite events to compete in were vault and floor exercise. TreAna started her dancing career shortly after she was involved in gymnastics for a couple years. She balanced gymnastics and dance for around 13 years. TreAna found her spark in dancing and decided to dedicate herself to just dance during her last few years in high school. With her gymnastics experience, TreAna’s dancing abilities made her stand out above the rest. In fact, TreAna won numerous awards for her talent at competitions. One of the awards she won was from a judge who made a statement that TreAna would “most likely be on a Wheaties cereal box one day”. Additionally, TreAna was also involved in Demonettes her last three years of high school. She was nominated team captain her senior year while continuing her dance experience through the dance studio life.

TreAna was awarded a scholarship her junior year of high school to attend a 2 week workshop at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Into her senior year TreAna auditioned for AMDA and the University of Utah through their dance program. Little did she know, she was gladly accepted into both dance programs. Considering that the University of Utah was one of the top modern dance colleges in the nation, TreAna made the decision to attend the University.

TreAna currently does hair and makeup at the SILO salon here in Bismarck. During dance recitals you will often see her backstage doing hair, makeup, and costume changes. TreAna enjoys being able to have the opportunity to apply both of her jobs within the same setting. TreAna is very passionate about teaching dance and only wants the best for her dancers. She encourages her dancers to do their best and to believe in themselves while still having fun. TreAna finds delight in teaching Acro, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Drill Team. One of TreAna’s favorite quotes is

“No one is you and that is YOUR power”